Thursday, June 24, 2010

what it means to be a woman in today's society

A: I agree with you about the feminine. I think it "gets me" and I have to figure it out. I think that I find myself playing too much the role of power but always at the expense of the feminine and I do not like it.
I am hearing you also about your having to wear "neutral" clothes. For me, I find myself always trying to figure out the system in such a way that my family is ok and I am ok.
Then, the question is: why are we doing all these things? what are we looking for in giving and giving to people in particular ways?

I do african dance. I go to class after teaching a computer class. One day I had my work pants still on. IT WAS AS IF I HAD SOME LOCK ON. I could not dance, I could not move my pelvis. My pelvis was locked. In order to survive in men's world, I totally turn off my feminine side at work, all sexuality, all and any feelings, and esp any awareness below my chest. I think it also has to do with where I am from, where "females are nothing"

For you, seems like you got SOME nourishment since you were able to get married and have children. In my case, damage seems to be a lot more severe because of no family of my own.