Sunday, March 14, 2010

mickey mouse business

A young French lady and me discussed our situation here in the USA, and how lonely and awful it is and how much we miss our families and way of life back home, where you are always surrounded by your community. She said it is just terrible to eat meals alone. Back home you always eat with your family.

We discussed families in the USA vs back home, and concluded that American way of life - where each Mickey and Minney Mouse have their own house and live alone and just "date" - was totally mickey mouse business, and completely abnormal. Who the heck decided to be all lone wolves like that. Maybe Americans can do it, but we cannot. Coming from family oriented background, this American way of life is STRANGE and quite bad, honestly. We miss our families and more community style of living.


So, that got me thinking - what am I doing in the USA? After 24 years, what have I made here? I came for a better life and yes, in some ways accomplished it.

On the other hand, all things that were STRANGE in the usa, for example awfully tasting plastic food, apples and other fruits and veggies that look pretty but have no taste whatsoever, big junky Wallmarts and buying "per pound", living alone, etc. all those strange things that were supposed to be "just temporary" while you get settled as an immigrant - well, they are not really temporary anymore, it has gone on for way too long!

And my response is: I want to eat REAL food, I want to live in a family, community style, I want to live in a house and have a garden and grow fruit trees and veggies and flowers.